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I'm not lazy, I'm just slow and relaxed.

+ I'm a 22-year old girl from Finland, with strong feelings towards art, human + animal rights, witty things and beautiful people.
+ I romance life.

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A King Cheetah, which is not a separate breed, just a color mutation. This particular cheetah is also brandishing something of a mane!

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bucky spending hours at that smithsonian exhibit, staring at everything, watching every single one of the little “newsreel” clips, getting escorted out of the museum because he’s the last one there, sir, you must not have heard our announcements, but we’re…

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The Entry of Mahomet II into Constantinople (1876) - Benjamin Constant


The Entry of Mahomet II into Constantinople (1876) - Benjamin Constant

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Awwwwwww cutie

that awkward moment when deadpool is a better person than you because you would have just stole the pizza and not given a fuck

dead pool isn’t really a villian like, most of his comics  are just being like a slightly mentally challenged selfish 5 year old with an incredibly dirty mind who hits on spiderman all the time and is aware at all times of the forth wall. oh and it is literally impossible to kill him so he gets a bit reckless at times

Best description of Deadpool ever.

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Mari Agory in Golden Goddess Editorial for Idol Magazine

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Detail of Michelangelo’s Effigy in marble of Giuliano de’ Medici

photo by Aurelio Amendola

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when it gets to that point in my life where my mum asks about my sexual orientation how do i say ‘dat knife flip’ without sounding like a psychopath


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Make me choose Anonymous asked Pocahontas or Esmeralda

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