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Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken

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I was just going to post one of the neat character screen things, but then I got carried away.

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My Paperback Stock of Creature Sculpt is Now Under 100 Copies!

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William Adolphe Bouguereau, Jeanne (Detail), 1888

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SWTOR Character Screen Glitch.
The Vathraki Members.

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Hello everyone! We are now taking collaborative sketch commissions with  Sazzer!!
Sazzer will be drawing traditionally the sketch, I will color it digitally with either flats or sketchy painting.

You can leave Sazzer a message about your commission at, or send an ask, filling the things below:

Type of art:*
References and possible notes:**

*Head shot, bust etc, with flats or with sketchy painting.
**Reference pictures and if you want the character posing in some specific way etc.

My paypal is where you will send the payment after Sazzer has accepted your work.

Note from Sazzer;

"I’m not going to list what I’m willing to draw and what not. Basically, I’ll draw anything but I handle humans and humanoid characters the best. Gore and some sort of porn are okay too but if you have something specific in your mind, please ask!"

Thank you for looking!

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